Re: CD burning in gnome

Il ven, 2002-12-06 alle 07:25, Loban A Rahman ha scritto:
> Thought I'd just add my thoughts. I liked what I saw on my roommates OS
> X machine. When you put a CD-R(w) in the drive, an CD icon pops up as if
> it is writable media. You can drag files into it, create folders, etc.
> The file manager just caches the data but shows everything in the CD
> window. When I then want to eject the disc (by dragging it to the trash
> or choosing eject from the menu) a dialog pops up saying "data needs to
> be written onto the CD, do it? yes/no". If I choose no, the CDR pops out
> untouched, if yes, the CD-burning software pops up, after I make any
> config changes and click burn, it burns, and then ejects the disc.
Ooooh this seems very c00l, but what happens if I delete the data that I
have dragged into the cd-r?
The user in OS X have the illusion that his data is saved onto a
removable media but it isn't.
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