Re: CD burning in gnome

A related interesting feature would be a way to open a file on a RW and
write stuff to it (which actually writes it to the HD somewhere) and when
your done, GnomeVFS or some app then comes up and lets you update the cd.
Maybe on eject.

On 6 Dec 2002, Loban A Rahman wrote:

> I disagree. Like the maintainer of gnome-vfs said - Nautilus and
> gnome-vfs should not attempt to be a backup or cd-burning application.
> It should just handle the basics of CD-R(W) - place files in a mounted
> burnable media, then initiate a burn upon unmounting. Anything estoric
> like storing the files saved and "updating them with only newer files"
> should be handled by a seperate application - in this case a backup
> tool.
> > On the gnome-vfs level, it also needs to understand the xml document aswell,
> > just like say a tar file, so you can save a CD you want to burn,
> > say you want to backup all your data to a CDRW every month, so you
> > open up a new CD session, drag the files you want into it and save it.
> > Then every month, you open up your xml CD document (which nautilus treats
> > just like a folder) and drag all the files
> > again, nautilus will add the new files to the xml document, then you save
> > the document. Right click on it and select burn, you could also
> > drag the cd document to the CD icon on the desktop and it would initiate
> > the burn. Then all other gnome CD applications could just use gnome-vfs
> > operations as if the xml document were a directory in itself.
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