Re: CD burning in gnome

Thought I'd just add my thoughts. I liked what I saw on my roommates OS
X machine. When you put a CD-R(w) in the drive, an CD icon pops up as if
it is writable media. You can drag files into it, create folders, etc.
The file manager just caches the data but shows everything in the CD
window. When I then want to eject the disc (by dragging it to the trash
or choosing eject from the menu) a dialog pops up saying "data needs to
be written onto the CD, do it? yes/no". If I choose no, the CDR pops out
untouched, if yes, the CD-burning software pops up, after I make any
config changes and click burn, it burns, and then ejects the disc.

I also like what John said about the xml document. Sorta like the xml
document that VCDImager uses to make VCD's. So we should have our own
CD-burning application (either from scratch or incorporate something),
which uses said standardized xml document. When I do the "eject CDR
which I've just dragged files into", nautilus generates the xml tree and
passes it to the burning app, which it launches.

So, at the gnome-vfs level, we could just have it recognize a CD-R(W)
and hold all file-system info as we add files and folders. Then, when
the media is to be ejected/unmounted (i assume gnome-vfs recognizes
this), it will launch the burning application (perhaps a bonobo
component?), pass the filesystem info (as an xml tree) and wait for a
confirmation (burning done!) signal before unmounting/ejecting the

How does that sound? Have I made a fatal mistake somewhere?


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