CD burning in gnome

Here is what I propose for cd burning in gnome, this is very rough.
But I just wanted to see what people think, this is based on
a bunch of comments made to gnome-multimedia list.

We need a xml document that describes a cd to be burnt. It would be
general enough to create an audio cd, data cd or mixed (Bootable, etc). 
So in nautilus you would just go Right click->New CD, 
and then a gnome-vfs plugin would read/write to the xml document. 
Or rhythmbox could produce a document describing all the songs to be burnt.
More advanced applications
can be used to make bootable cd's and more complicated layouts but
it would still use the same file format. So in Nautilus if you right
clicked on a CD Description you could burn it no matter which program
produced it. This document should become a freedesktop standard. 

We need a bonobo object, that can understand the xml document and
translate it into whatever lower level calls we want to make (library,
or executable). And actually control the cd burning process reporting
errors and sending progress back. We could also provide some unified
UI objects for the progress display, etc.

We also need something that handles the queuing of the cd's waiting to
be burnt. This would basically be a job manager for the cd burner.

With the file format, and bonobo object we could easily build
very easy to use cd burning applications, like nautilus and drag and
drop, or complicated ones for people who want to get their hands


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