TARBALLS DUE: This Monday for the GNOME 2.1.4 Snapshot

Hey everyone,

Tarballs are due on Monday for the GNOME 2.1.4 Snapshot, which we've
shuffled around so we get some weekly release action, especially in light of
the recent GTK+ releases. Mucho thanks to Owen and the GTK+ hackers!

We can't forsee any annoying dependency issues now, given the API/ABI
freeze, so we're just going to take what we get on Monday and ship it as
soon as possible... No leeway: if it's not on, it's just not on!


- Jeff (wondering when tarball due announcements started sounding like ads
  for latex 'personal' products)

      "Then it hit me: What I really want is for all edit panes in all      
    applications to be gnuclient processes hooked to a centralized emacs    
                     gnuserver process!" - Gary Murphy                      

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