Re: [Fwd: Post-It Notes....uhm, no.]

You can use it if you like, but, you're going to have to call it something

"Post-It" is a Trademark.

Anyway, in the interest of saving precious development time, I've gone ahead
and extrapolated the next week's discussion regarding this issue. Hopefully
you'll be able to find something else to talk about instead, since that
seems to be the number one issue holding you guys back from discussing
something original for a change.

  Havoc: "Uh-oh! We're infringing on 3M's trademark! Quick, lets call it
something so obfuscated that it becomes funny to us, and who's name will be
unrecognizable to 90% of our users! Lets call it gStickyClown. Ok, great.
Lets move on."

  Everyone: "No, wait! Lets call it gStickyNotePadThing!"

  Havoc: "No. Thats too long. I like The Matrix. Lets call it gNeo and
incorporate this new Keanu widget I made."

  Everyone: "No! Lets put it to a vote. Here are my suggestions...blahblah
blah blah blah."

(..a week later..)

  Havoc: "blahblah blah. Ok then. It's settled. We'll call it gStickyKeanu."

Perhaps you're beginning to see what I mean now...For all the goddamn time
you spend hemming and hawing and trying to mimic everyone else's ideas, you
could have come up with something better on your own. Instead, you're
relegating the project to a perpetual 2nd Place showing, trying to push what
amounts to a collection of flea-market knockoffs with nothing new to add.

I mean, has it occured to _anyone_ here that the purpose and function of a
"Post-It note" is already encompassed by like *three* or *four* other
applications? Why are you people even having this conversation?

Unbelievable...the degree that some people are willing to go to, just to
avoid having to _think_ for a change...


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> On Fri, Nov 29, 2002 at 05:03:37PM -0800, Loban Amaan Rahman wrote:
> > You can download the package to try out from:
> >
> >
> >
> > Feedback is welcome!
> >
> I think it's a good feature we should have. Here are some issues I
> encountered:
>  - the .server file ends up with "/usr/libexec/postit_applet" instead
>    of prefix/libexec - I don't understand what causes that
>    (you could just drop the full path off of the location= field
>    perhaps)
>  - the applet doesn't shrink for small panels
>  - moving the post-it causes it to jump oddly when you first
>    click. Change window_move_cb as follows and it should work:
>        if (event->button == 1) {
>           gtk_window_begin_move_drag(GTK_WINDOW(postit->window),
>                                      event->button, event->x,
>                                      event->y, event->time);
>        }
>  - I think the postit should have a little "X" in the top right for
>    closing it.
>  - another option is to set type UTILITY as
>    in gtk_window_set_type_hint() and allow the window manager
>    to decorate the postit. This will also kill off
>    the option to minimize/maximize the note.
>  - should probably gtk_window_set_skip_taskbar_hint()
>    and gtk_window_set_skip_pager_hint()
>  - both of the above are in GTK 2.1.x only I think
>  - if I type a long postit, then delete all the text,
>    the postit doesn't shrink. Suggest making the
>    window not resizable with gtk_window_set_resizable()
>    then connect_after to size_request on the GtkTextView
>    and if requisition->width/requisition->height are
>    less than 100 set them to 100. (There must be an
>    easier way but I'm blanking, maybe that hack will work)
>  - I would say "delete note" not "destroy note" in the menu
>  - the "save all" menu item doesn't make sense to me, they
>    should save automatically right? just have an idle
>    handler or timeout that saves everything every
>    time something changes.
>  - if "hide all" minimizes the notes (instead of completely
>    withdrawing them with gtk_widget_hide()) I would say
>    it should be called "minimize all." But I don't think
>    minimize makes sense if the notes are skip_taskbar.
>    So I would gtk_widget_hide() instead of iconifying the notes.
>  - "Post-It" is a registered trademark, we have to call it
>    "sticky notes" or something like that.
>  - in postit_load() it wouldn't hurt to be more robust
>    against a broken XML file (e.g. xmlGetProp() returning null)
> It looks nice, I hope we can add this applet.
> Havoc
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