Re: [Fwd: Post-It Notes]

> Feedback is welcome!

I haven't tried the applet yet, but it looks cool.

Another nice idea for an applet simliar to a sticky notes applet is a
"scratch pad" applet. It sits on the panel like the volume control and
when you click it, it pops up a window where you can type in notes. The
window should have back/forward buttons so you can create yourself an
arbitrary number of scratch pad pages.

For additional features you can start by having a dropdown where people
can quickly selecte pages and give pages names. Later on you could make
it so you can embed bonobo controls in the little viewer window, so then
pages can either be a notes control for entering notes or an image
viewer control so you can display images in a page, etc.

Having a page that pops up the evolution calendar/task list would also
be really cool.

I think this would be much cooler than a sticky notes applet because I
hate how sticky notes always clutter up my desktop. ;)

Anyway just another idea,

- Frank

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