Re: [Fwd: Post-It Notes....uhm, no.]

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 21:58, Bowie J. Poag wrote:
> You can use it if you like, but, you're going to have to call it something
> else.
> "Post-It" is a Trademark.
> Anyway, in the interest of saving precious development time, I've gone ahead
> and extrapolated the next week's discussion regarding this issue. Hopefully
> you'll be able to find something else to talk about instead, since that
> seems to be the number one issue holding you guys back from discussing
> something original for a change.

Here comes the work.

>   Havoc: "Uh-oh! We're infringing on 3M's trademark! Quick, lets call it
> something so obfuscated that it becomes funny to us, and who's name will be
> unrecognizable to 90% of our users! Lets call it gStickyClown. Ok, great.
> Lets move on."

You're so good you could be a journalist for the News of the World[1].
Havoc pointed out that the usual, common name for the "post-its" were
"sticky notes"

>   Everyone: "No, wait! Lets call it gStickyNotePadThing!"
<snip more malarkey>
>   Havoc: "blahblah blah. Ok then. It's settled. We'll call it gStickyKeanu."
> Perhaps you're beginning to see what I mean now...For all the goddamn time
> you spend hemming and hawing and trying to mimic everyone else's ideas, you
> could have come up with something better on your own. Instead, you're
> relegating the project to a perpetual 2nd Place showing, trying to push what
> amounts to a collection of flea-market knockoffs with nothing new to add.
> I mean, has it occured to _anyone_ here that the purpose and function of a
> "Post-It note" is already encompassed by like *three* or *four* other
> applications? Why are you people even having this conversation?

No shit. There are a lot of multimedia players, picture viewers, IRC
clients, mail clients, browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, dish
washers and toasters. The authors/makers of these aren't asking us for
pointers and advices as other developers' opinions.

> Unbelievable...the degree that some people are willing to go to, just to
> avoid having to _think_ for a change...

And you still didn't come up with a single idea. What do are you doing ?

Bowie, please, try to think how much of a wanker you're making of
yourself every time you're sending an e-mail here. And come up with
ideas yourself instead of blaming others for not having new ones. Or
shut your gob. That'll spare us some bandwidth.


[1]: Bottom of the range tabloid[2] in the UK
[2]: That's the bottom of the range of the tabloids.
/Bastien Nocera

Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but
there is no longer anything to take away.
						Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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