Re: Help accessibility [Was: New look of the yelp TOC for review]

<quote who="Bill Haneman">

> The short answer is that we need some way to provide the level of themeing
> provided by GTK+.  Ideally we'd want to track that theme (and that will be
> a requirement in future I believe), but before we do that we need the
> mechanism in place for applying such stylesheets.

Okay, so you want to theme the help pages similarly to the chosen GTK+
theme, or...? That sounds like crack to me [1], if we already have an a11y
happy XSLT and CSS stylesheet.

- Jeff

[1] read: "please tell me why I don't grok this" :)

   "The plural of lego is legouch, from when you tread on those plural on   
                  the floor in bare feet." - Telsa Gwynne                   

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