Re: [Deskbar] NewStuffManager updated

Hi !

> I would be delighted if some of you could test it and post their opinion.

Seb, It seems to work fine here i did only basic testing. I see on the
schedule that we are to really a feature frozen deskbar on monday. This
weekend i'll go through bugzilla and apply existing patches.

Do you think this can be included for next release of deskbar as an
optional thing, or as a plugin, or something we do not hard-depend on ?

So that if people install the n-s-m somehow, it can be used by deskbar
directly without tweaking ?

(I guess the answer is yes since it's all dbus and there should be some
ways of finding out if n-s-m service is present or not on the bus, or
can/cannot be activated, and react accordingly). This would provide a
nice step towards real integration, and as a proof of concept for other
gnome apps..

Since you fixed most important issues, signing and stuff..

What do you think, what do other developpers/users think about this ?


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