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Rapha�Slinckx schrieb:
> Hi !
>> I would be delighted if some of you could test it and post their opinion.
> Seb, It seems to work fine here i did only basic testing. I see on the
> schedule that we are to really a feature frozen deskbar on monday. This
> weekend i'll go through bugzilla and apply existing patches.
> Do you think this can be included for next release of deskbar as an
> optional thing, or as a plugin, or something we do not hard-depend on ?
> So that if people install the n-s-m somehow, it can be used by deskbar
> directly without tweaking ?
The current patch for deskbar checks if new-stuff-manager is in $PATH.
If yes the buttons and additional tab in the preferences dialog is
displayed, otherwise everything looks like it does now.

> (I guess the answer is yes since it's all dbus and there should be some
> ways of finding out if n-s-m service is present or not on the bus, or
> can/cannot be activated, and react accordingly). This would provide a
> nice step towards real integration, and as a proof of concept for other
> gnome apps..
> Since you fixed most important issues, signing and stuff..
> What do you think, what do other developpers/users think about this ?
I personally would love to see deskbar with nsm support.

I also had the idea to make a webinterface to display all avalaible
plugins. But this won't happen too soon.

Mabye all do some additional polish to the UI and it's ready for

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Sebastian P�erl
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