Re: [Deskbar] deskbar-applet with new-stuff-manager support

I'm checking it out now, looks pretty cool, sorry I don't have much more
to say at the moment other than its working somewhat well ;). I would
think that some sort of GnuPG validation or similar would be a pretty
big deal though, to confirm validity of whats about to be installed. And
is there any other standard out there we could base the spec format on?
I'm tentative to just create a standard like that, especially since it
doesn't look like a lot of other files I see in gnome, just my $0.02. 

Otherwise, its pretty good, no serious bugs at the moment.

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 22:44 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
> 2006/10/5, Sebastian Pölsterl <marduk k-d-w org>:
>         Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
>         >
>         > 1. Download
> and
>         > install it
>         >
>         I created a git repository that contains new-stuff-manager and
>         the deskbar 
>         patch:
>         An updated version is available there.
> I hope you don't lose your drive from lack of feedback... I really
> mean to  give you some I'm just completely swamped! 
> I also noticed you appearing on desktop-devel, good move (I'm not
> subscribed I just scan it every now and then) .
> Anyway. Keep up the spirit! Cheers,
> Mikkel
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