Re: [Deskbar] UI for Handlers that, uh... need a hand

> * Do we *really* need that big refresh button ?

No, it should go.

> *  Wouldn't be better if the handler checked itself and notified through
> a signal or a callback that the requirements are met, so we can throw
> away the Check button ?
>   Something like, when you select a requirement-enabled handler, you
> register a callback in the handler which will be called when the handler
> sees the requirements are ok, and when you deselect it, you unregister
> from that callback. Internally the handler would, on registration,
> regiter to gconf notification if it needs a particular key, or register
> through gnomevfs if it needs files, or simply poll the ressource it
> needs, and call the callback when changes happen. I think this is the
> best approach. When the pref dialog receive the callback, it hides the
> info area, or say 'Requirements met', or something.

[snipped a bunch of stuff about RequirementChecker]

> This is all complicated and all, but i think it's worth the effort to
> remove that big embarassing 90's refresh button (gnome is all about
> instant apply !)

Yeah, instant apply rocks socks.

In terms of a simple solution, maybe we should just always poll the
selected (as in, selected in the TreeView) Handler once a second.  Happy
handlers can also become unhappy, if, for example, address books get
their auto-completion turned off.  Setting up callbacks to cover all the
corner cases might not be worth the effort.

> * I think you should check if the callback is None, and then show no
> "More..." button, unless it already does that :)

True.  I'll get that done.

> * Maybe the more button should be called "Help" with the stock help
> icon ?

I suppose that a Handler might want to pop up a configuration dialog.
None of them do... yet.  But one day, some might.  In that case, "Help"
is a inappropriate label, unlike "More...".

> * Finally it's more a question, why did you move the notification
> area/little note about drag and drop to the .py file instead of
> the .glade file, isn't it easier to maintain in glade ? (i haven't given
> much thought about that one, maybe there is an obvious reason)

I moved it because the D&D note gets replaced by the extra-information
area for non-HAPPY handlers, and that's how I ended up coding it.  But
you're right.  Really, it should live in the .glade file.  I'll fix.


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