Re: [Deskbar] UI for Handlers that, uh... need a hand

> UI mock-up attached.

Mock-up implemented (well, mostly - only the bigger highlighted ellipse
of the previously attached image).

For example, try the Google Live handler with and without the WSDL or
Key file in the right places.  Evolution is the only other handler that
does this at the moment.  In general, I'd like it to be as much "just
works" as possible

> Maybe we don't need the "more" in all cases. For example in the
> evolution handler example, there is nothing more needed.

The "More..." button is linked to a callback (which can be None), so it
can be a simple message box (as both above handlers do now), or possibly
a more intricate dialog box or Yelp can be presented for those Handlers
that need it.


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