Re: [Deskbar] UI for Handlers that, uh... need a hand

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 17:21 +1100, Nigel Tao wrote:
> See - for example, the
> Google Live handler should be visible somehow in the Preferences UI, but
> it does need configuring (e.g., a key and WSDL).  Otherwise (as on a
> clean install), it won't work, and for that reason we currently hide it,
> rather than show it "disabled".
> UI mock-up attached.  "More..." pops up help (yelp!?  not that I know
> how that works) or further instructions or another dialog (yeah, that's
> not so cool)??  This little info-area hides itself for perfectly happy,
> no-configuration-needed handlers.

I completely like the mockup !

Maybe we don't need the "more" in all cases. For example in the
evolution handler example, there is nothing more needed.

For google live there is a little more text, so it could justify a more.

Let's have "more..." popup a simple gtktextview for the beginning (when
needed, for example more than 3 lines of text), and we'll see if it
makes sense to use yelp (i don't think it's "pluggable" so i fear we
cannot use it)

> P.S.  Also, I'm thinking of being able to install new handlers like we
> install new themes - just drag 'n' dropping the .py (or
> possibly .tar.gz, if we need other resources like art or translations or
> help?) onto the Handlers tree-view.

I did some research for that feature, it would immensely rock. What i
fear is that drag&drop handling in the treeview would conflic with the
current sorting behavior (which is builtin). Specifically, maybe doing
our install with drag&drop in the treeview could override the builtin
reordering through drag and drop ? Hopefully not !

Let's start with simple .py files, then we'l see if it can be extended
with packages, with something like an art/ foler in
~/.gnome2/deskbar-applet/art, where all custom handlers put their files.
or a more generic resources/


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