Re: [Deskbar] UI for Handlers that, uh... need a hand

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 00:22 +1100, Nigel Tao wrote:

> In terms of a simple solution, maybe we should just always poll the
> selected (as in, selected in the TreeView) Handler once a second.  Happy
> handlers can also become unhappy, if, for example, address books get
> their auto-completion turned off.  Setting up callbacks to cover all the
> corner cases might not be worth the effort.

Right, it's really a corner case and we don't want complexity there. One
thing though, the polling should not take time (like if the handler
needs to check 100 files to be present and contain the string "foo")

If that approach shows itself too "blocking" in the UI sense, we might
replace it.

> I suppose that a Handler might want to pop up a configuration dialog.
> None of them do... yet.  But one day, some might.  In that case, "Help"
> is a inappropriate label, unlike "More...".
Right. Let's use "More..."

> > * Finally it's more a question, why did you move the notification
> > area/little note about drag and drop to the .py file instead of
> > the .glade file, isn't it easier to maintain in glade ? (i haven't given
> > much thought about that one, maybe there is an obvious reason)
> I moved it because the D&D note gets replaced by the extra-information
> area for non-HAPPY handlers, and that's how I ended up coding it.  But
> you're right.  Really, it should live in the .glade file.  I'll fix.

Maybe the D&D note should always be present, and the extra-info panel
inserted in between the list and d&d note when needed ?


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