Re: UI Refresh

Hi Michael,

Clearly separating settings from the main view seems a wise choice.

On first backups, the Storage locations screen is not consistent with
the list-everywhe re approach. Also, I remark there is nothing asked
about schedule?

One of the biggest painpoints currently is that there is no way to tell
from the backup window if a backup is running or not. How would you
solve this? I think the modal appearing on the mockups woul present the
same issues as of today?

If I understand well, to exclude a file from backup, she would have to
"add" it to the "included files", and the turn the button off? Seems not
really straghtforward to me.

For what it's worth two years ago I sent to the list a couple of mockups

It's approach has similarities with yours, and tried to offer some
goodies: offer to "verify a backups" to avoid the user feeling at risk
to erase some valid and recent data with older backups. And of course a
loooooong-requested feature :D


Le 26/11/2019 à 02:41, Michael Terry a écrit :

A) I've been making several tiny releases of 40.x to fix bugs (up to
40.5). I'm finding myself much more likely to make releases of small
changes with snap & flatpak available, since they go out immediately.

B) Borg work is still mid-progress, but I've put it aside for now a
little longer, waiting for upstream to finally release their 1.2 version
so they can review my PRs.

C) While waiting for that, I've decided I would like to look at adding
an in-app individual-file restore feature (to replace the nautilus
extension, which doesn't work in snap & flatpak and is just more
discoverable in general). While thinking about that, I realized our UI
in general could use a refresh to match current GNOME design.

I've made a few mockups below and would like feedback & suggestions.
I'll send this on to GNOME design folks too to see if they have time to
review them and provide feedback.  These are just mocks; there is no
code behind any of this, so don't worry about your feedback causing me
to redo anything. I'm no UX expert; I'm just stumbling around here,
trying to follow GNOME best practices.

Ideally, I'll start a 41.x branch to hold any UI refresh work and
continue making occasional bug fix releases on 40.x. If I make good
progress, it would be nice to release a 42.0 in time to be included in
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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