UI Refresh


A) I've been making several tiny releases of 40.x to fix bugs (up to 40.5). I'm finding myself much more likely to make releases of small changes with snap & flatpak available, since they go out immediately.

B) Borg work is still mid-progress, but I've put it aside for now a little longer, waiting for upstream to finally release their 1.2 version so they can review my PRs.

C) While waiting for that, I've decided I would like to look at adding an in-app individual-file restore feature (to replace the nautilus extension, which doesn't work in snap & flatpak and is just more discoverable in general). While thinking about that, I realized our UI in general could use a refresh to match current GNOME design.

I've made a few mockups below and would like feedback & suggestions. I'll send this on to GNOME design folks too to see if they have time to review them and provide feedback.  These are just mocks; there is no code behind any of this, so don't worry about your feedback causing me to redo anything. I'm no UX expert; I'm just stumbling around here, trying to follow GNOME best practices.


Ideally, I'll start a 41.x branch to hold any UI refresh work and continue making occasional bug fix releases on 40.x. If I make good progress, it would be nice to release a 42.0 in time to be included in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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