Re: Resume Later

Hello everyone.

Am 06.11.19 um 22:26 schrieb Michael Terry:
We should either (A) change the button text on full backups to not imply it can be resumed or (B) work 
around duplicity in a better way (?) or (C) hurry up with supporting borg as a backend.

Depending on how your progress with C is it might be worth to not rely on duplicity for the verification of 
the passphrase as it causes us so many trouble. We could instead place three files in the backup. One 
contains a random string the other one contains the same file encrypted and the third one contains a hash of 
the first file. Before sending any passphrase to duplicity we could decript the second file and compare it to 
the first one. If this comparison does not go well we would check if the hash of the first file is still 
valid and reask our users. Otherwise we would suspect a possible error in the first or second file and would 
disable this check until a password was accepted by duplicity which could then be used to recreate the three 

This would have prevented us from every passphrase checking issue we had in the recent past.

Best Regards


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