Re: Deeper integration with GNOME

Hi Mike!

Thanks for your fast answer. I'm glad you like these mockups! Below
answers to the points you raised.

On 15/08/2013 19:43, Michael Terry wrote:
Hello, Mathieu!  Thank you for the email.

Very nice mockups.  Some comments on them:

* Little gear icon seems easy to miss?

I agree. I think to remove it and merge it with the "Back up" button.

* Seems odd to offer on/off switch right at end of setting up the
automatic backup.  

Yep. The idea was to schedule multiple backups and disable some of them
easily. For example, If users knows he won't have network access for a
week, then he probably should turn his daily backup to Amazon off.

Yes, that's the re-re-return of the multiple profiles thing, but I'm
pretty confident we can make it without adding any complexity (from a
user point-of-view, I mean), and user will almost deal with schedules
like he would do with history: pick up an item in a nice grid, and go.
No boring profile management.

What happens if user switches it off, does Schedule
button become a Back Up Now button?


If so, can I do a manual backup
while having auto backups enabled?

Yep. How to do so appears on my paper notes but I forgot to make it with
Inkscape :(

If there is official buy in from GNOME designers I'm happy for this to
be the future of deja dup; it looks pretty and is very GNOME-y.

I'm afraid we are far from having anything official yet, as I am very
new to the GNOME community and just decided to help. I'll see on irc if
I can gather some feedback from more official GNOME designers...

However, from a personal level, I don't have time to drive the changes
myself.  :(  I'm more in fixing-critical-bugs mode these days.

Then here is my personnal todo:

- make some more mockups to fix the things above
- get back my old launchpad account
- add some feature requests matching the mockups

In a couple of weeks (or months, or years?) maybe I'll be able to send
some patches.



On Aug 14, 2013 10:33 AM, <mathieu jourdan gresille org
<mailto:mathieu jourdan gresille org>> wrote:

    Hi there! I just subscribed to this list, coming from the GNOME
    wiki. As time passes, GNOME looks more and more beautiful and easy
    to use, but too few applications really fit the new design
    guidelines, which are still moving anyway.

    So, what's the matter? Well, Déjà Dup is the most successful attempt
    I seen to make a clever user interface for backuping personnal data.
    It integrates well with GNOME, but you know that. Some things have
    already be pointed out in usability review, and I would like to help
    making this application even more comfortable to use, especially on
    GNOME desktops.

    If you search for Déjà Dup on Google Images[0], you'll see that most
    screenshots represent the "Two-buttons welcome screen", while user
    will actually see this screen once, and never again. I think one of
    the reasons of this is that the welcome screen is an important piece
    in making Déjà-Dup feel so easy. So, you'll find below a proposal to
    solve this paradox by "rehabilitating" this screen, making it the
    central piece of Déjà-Dup UI, without compromising simplicity.

    See the GNOME wiki[1] to find some wireframes. I would be glad to
    read your thoughts on these.

    Best regards,

    deja-dup-list mailing list
    deja-dup-list gnome org <mailto:deja-dup-list gnome org>

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