Deeper integration with GNOME

Hi there! I just subscribed to this list, coming from the GNOME wiki. As time passes, GNOME looks more and more beautiful and easy to use, but too few applications really fit the new design guidelines, which are still moving anyway.

So, what's the matter? Well, Déjà Dup is the most successful attempt I seen to make a clever user interface for backuping personnal data. It integrates well with GNOME, but you know that. Some things have already be pointed out in usability review, and I would like to help making this application even more comfortable to use, especially on GNOME desktops.

If you search for Déjà Dup on Google Images[0], you'll see that most screenshots represent the "Two-buttons welcome screen", while user will actually see this screen once, and never again. I think one of the reasons of this is that the welcome screen is an important piece in making Déjà-Dup feel so easy. So, you'll find below a proposal to solve this paradox by "rehabilitating" this screen, making it the central piece of Déjà-Dup UI, without compromising simplicity.

See the GNOME wiki[1] to find some wireframes. I would be glad to read your thoughts on these.

Best regards,


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