"No Space left - Backup failed" & "Deja Dub cannot handle .vdi"

Hey guys,

I am since the beginning an Ubuntu entusiast and was so glad to see Deja Dub to be implemented as standard app in Ubuntu.

Nevertheless there are still some very tricky bugs with this nice little piece of software. Some of them are are:

-> Deja Dub ends backup with "No Space left - Backup failed" with no further explaination:

-> Deja Dub has a hard time to copy .vdi files from Virtual Drives:

I came across those bugs as I want to backup my system. Is there a solution for those bugs planned?
Whereas the first one I mentioned just needs a hint message saying where you should free some space and add some explaination what else the problem could be, and not just simply say no space left!
For the second one you really need to work on this, since I think many users are using a virtual machine for the one or other reason and then always waiting for forever till the backup is done is just annoying.

Cheers, Tiger85
Stefan Bina
+43 660 52 65 342
stefan bina gmx at

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