Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] Partial restore, take 2

I like these mockups, thanks Allan.  Two comments for you and one for
Urban below:

1) Why in the detailed confirmation dialog is there a duplicate pane
describing what would be deleted?  Seems like it is displaying the
same information in the pane below about what will be replaced.

2) Regarding the simple confirmation dialog, I'm not sure we need it?
I think users understand that a restore will take time, and they will
immediately see how fast the progress bar is moving (and eventually,
when we implement a time estimator, they can see projected length of
restore more directly).  The user can always cancel if it is taking

Urban, I was looking at my calendar today and noticing that GNOME 3.0
feature freeze hits next week.  Deja Dup isn't a formal official GNOME
module, but I still try to follow their milestones, for stability if
nothing else.  But there is some wiggle room there.  I would suggest
we keep talking about this partial restore UI, but not rush it.  It
should probably be targetted for 18.0, not 16.0.  Meanwhile, can you
fix up your missing-views branch to handle my review comments so I can
land it?  Then we can tweak its UI as needed until UI freeze next


On 23 July 2010 12:40, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
> I've attached some mockups for the restore functionality that I've been
> working on.
> They're a continuation of the designs that have been posted so far, the
> main advantage being that they're much simpler. There's no queue and no
> wizard; just a simple select, confirm, progress window model. I can
> provide layout details (with all the spacings etc) if required.
> There are two designs for the file selection window. My preference is
> for the first one. It's less noisy, and a think that the bar graph style
> visualisation is a nice touch. Though that part might not be amazingly
> practically useful, it makes the UI richer and gives users a greater
> sense of Deja Dup keeping track of what's going on. I think it'll
> increase their confidence that it's doing a good job.
> I've also updated my mockups for the preferences window [1] and first
> run wizard [2], if anybody's interested.
> Allan
> [1]
> [2]
> --
> IRC: aday on

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