Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] Partial restore, take 2

Allan Day, as our resident usability advocate, what do you think of
this and the previous partial restore mockups?  I would appreciate a
more experienced viewpoint than my own.

I've got some comments below for this v2 mockup.  It's a nice and
flashy mockup overall.

1) I'm not sure how the "select a date range" option works either as
you try to enter one or visually after you select one.

2) You probably don't need two buttons for "Queue directory" and
"Queue file".  For example, what would happen if you selected a
directory?  Which button would you press?  The GTK+ file dialog
handles this by choosing the current directory if no files are
selected or otherwise choosing the files or folders selected.

3) I don't believe the size of the files to restore is actually known
before restoring.  Which sucks and would be good to fix, but isn't
going to happen soon.  So we don't need a column for that.

4) The phrase "Restore Point" is odd.  Maybe like "Restore Date" or
even "Version"?

5) In the "restoring to" widget, the default should probably be
"previous location" and then offer to let them choose a directory to
put all files in.  This is because (A) if we default to a directory,
we have to translate the directory name and that's kind of odd and (B)
I think it's more common that a user just wants the files back where
they should be.


On 15 July 2010 18:41, Urban Škudnik <urban skudnik gmail com> wrote:
> Hey,
> after a bit of brainstorming with a friend Jure we came up with another
> mockup that might facilitate partial backup in a better manner:
> By adding files to a special list that would be communicated to a user at
> all times, users could restore files from different time points at the same
> time, which would be impossible by my first mockup since user would have to
> run assistant several times to achieve this (and also for files from
> different directory). This mockup also better addresses the issue of user
> not knowing where in the assistant he is - although I would still add
> progress bar with superimposed text regarding next step to even better
> communicate to user where in the process he is and how many steps still
> await him.
> Not included in the backup is a small "x" or "delete" button from the table
> below which would allow user to delete a file that was added by mistake.
> After a bit of discussion with GTK guys it is apparent that although widget
> is being developed it is still quite far from being developed to acceptable
> level. I may give a helping hand in it's development later, but will, for
> the time being, just use treeview for browsing file structure and iconview
> for showing current directory. If he/we develop the breadcrumbs later, I
> might switch to that when the time comes.
> Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? :)
> Regards,
> Urban
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