Re: [Deja-dup-hackers] Partial restore, take 2

I've attached some mockups for the restore functionality that I've been
working on.

They're a continuation of the designs that have been posted so far, the
main advantage being that they're much simpler. There's no queue and no
wizard; just a simple select, confirm, progress window model. I can
provide layout details (with all the spacings etc) if required.

There are two designs for the file selection window. My preference is
for the first one. It's less noisy, and a think that the bar graph style
visualisation is a nice touch. Though that part might not be amazingly
practically useful, it makes the UI richer and gives users a greater
sense of Deja Dup keeping track of what's going on. I think it'll
increase their confidence that it's doing a good job.

I've also updated my mockups for the preferences window [1] and first
run wizard [2], if anybody's interested.


IRC: aday on

Attachment: restore.png
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