Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

> I apologize for "stupid" to Miguel De Icaza, I mentioned him because
> his role in Mono and in Novell. Well, MdI  is *not* stupid at all. To
> leave Beagle unmantained is stupid.
> If you are his friend, please say him Beagle is dying. Because he is
> not a stupid, I think MdI will do something.
> I think only Novell could save Beagle: Beagle is written in Mono. No
> one, no company, want to write software in Mono because patent issue.

BOGOSITY = 100%.  This is crap - stop spouting this nonsense - many
companies are developing code using Mono from Unity [gaming] to Quantifi
[financial] to Medsphere [medical]. And many of the leading Open Source
projects are in Mono: Monodevelop, F-Spot, Banshee, Tomboy, etc... The
Mono ecosystem is thriving, and will do so with or without Beagle.  

> But Novell have a deal with MS on patents, then Novell can.

Garbage.  This is a claim of pure unadulterated ignorance.  The "patent
deal" has nothing whatsoever at-all to do with Mono.  This has been
explained dozens of times.

An in general:

That is the answer to FUD;  I won't dignify any responses along those
line - and spare polluting the list archives with more such foolishness.

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