Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

2009/9/22 Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org>

Novell's a big company, and Mono is a totally separate entity from
their desktop business.  If Novell wants to put resources toward
Beagle, it's going to come from the SUSE organization and not Miguel's
Mono organization.

I agree with you, though, in that I am not really sure what Novell's
aims are with Monotouch, but that's orthogonal to this.

I apologize for "stupid" to Miguel De Icaza, I mentioned him because his role in Mono and in Novell. Well, MdI  is *not* stupid at all. To leave Beagle unmantained is stupid.
If you are his friend, please say him Beagle is dying. Because he is not a stupid, I think MdI will do something.

I think only Novell could save Beagle: Beagle is written in Mono. No one, no company, want to write software in Mono because patent issue. You know, this issue is too dangerous for business.

But Novell have a deal with MS on patents, then Novell can. Novell can demostrate the patent deal is useful for users. If not, all FLOSS users will realize the deal is not a serious thing.

Imagine Red Hat men laughing when they see Microsoft is asking for money for patent licenses on Monotouch :)



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