Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

2009/9/13 Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org>
Since I left Novell nearly
two years ago, there has been none.  I think it's safe to say that
Novell no longer has any dedication to the project.  I don't mean that
as a dig -- having worked on Ximian and SUSE distributions you have to
make strategic and tactical decisions where to put your resources,
since you can't hack full time on everything.  It appears clear that
desktop search hasn't panned out as they thought and that experimental
projects like Dashboard, Association Browser, etc. aren't feasible.

Can Novell leave unmantained a piece of its desktop? This is a suicide for Suse.
Corporate users need to search in Evolution mail, IM messages, files, visited web pages and more in the same time. Only Beagle can do it, if upgraded and mantained.
Beagle can do the difference on enterprise desktop. To leave it unmantained is stupid.
Well, I think there are some stupids men in Novell (did someone say "Miguel"?), but I hope not so stupid.
Monotouch can't be Novell core business....

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