Re: About to declare 'unmaintained'

> > Can Novell leave unmantained a piece of its desktop? This is a suicide for
> > Suse.
> Exactly what Novell intends to do with Beagle is unclear, but I think
> "suicide" is a bit hyperbolic.  From my time at Novell there was a
> love/hate relationship with Beagle among SUSE users.  Some people
> loved it and wouldn't live without it, and other people despised it to
> the point where the very first thing they did after installing SUSE
> was remove Beagle. 

Ugh, what a bunch of irrational haters.  Those goons are still around
unfortunately.  But don't worry: they hate KDE4, and they will have
GNOME 3 and Tracker.

I imagine openSUSE will simple include Tracker at some point - hopefully
soon.  I haven't paid much attention to Tracker but at a glance it has
much of Beagles functionality and already has some integration into
Zeitgeist.  Interesting that much of what Dashboard and the like first
hoped to accomplish is finally coming into being.

> > Well, I think there are some stupids men in Novell (did someone say
> > "Miguel"?), but I hope not so stupid.
> > Monotouch can't be Novell core business....
> Well, Miguel is a friend of mine, so I don't really appreciate that.

Claiming he is "stupid" is also absurd.  He wrote a good chunk of
Gnumeric;  solid evidence against stupidity.

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