Re: Desktop Search Hackfest

2008/7/29 Debajyoti Bera <dbera web gmail com>:
> * I know Arun (beagle-xesam author) is a bit busy these days, so any kind of
> help in beagle-xesam would be nice. Since Mikkel and other xesam people would
> be there, this is a good chance to figure out what needs to be changed in
> beagle or where beagle wont conform to the spec.

I wish I was going, but other commitments prevent me from making it. :(

I've had this on my todo list for a while, but let me just dump what
needs to be done (other than those in

1) The mapping between Xesam and Beagle ontologies
(Fields/Sources/Contents) should be moved into a configuration file
(XML file in /etc/beagle/ seems most reasonable). This will allow
modifications to the mapping without recompiling/

2) The adaptor is up-to-date (other than the issues in the ISSUES
file) w.r.t. 0.9 RC1. Subsequent changes which are documented on need to be incorporated. This shouldn't be too hard.
It's best to test against Mikkel's test suite in the xesam-tools

3) It's probably a good time to move the adaptor into Beagle proper.
The lower the barrier to getting a Xesam server going, the better the
chance of clients adopting the spec, etc.

Let me know if there's any bit of the code that doesn't make sense (:D).

Arun Raghavan

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