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Am Donnerstag, den 10.07.2008, 09:06 -0400 schrieb D Bera:
> > I have a folder "volltext" which contains several hundreds of biomed
> > articles in pdf-format. this folder is in the search-list of beagle. I
> > was looking for entries of "chrousos". The result with beagle was: 65
> > documents, 1 email entry. that looks ok. However, the article
> > Endocrinology, Vol. 139 page 437 by Chrousos, which is saved as
> > Endocrinol_139_437_chrousos.pdf was not found. I checked all the entries
> > which do not show the filename I gave them, whether that paper was
> > hidden somewhere. It could not be found. Using "locate
> > Endocrinol_139_437" showed me that the article was present twice in two
> > different subfolders of "volltext".
> Running beagle version 0.3.x ?

Yesterday beagle 0.3.8 arrived at my desktop. I wanted to tell you that
again looking for "chrousos" I got:

1 mail contact
74 Documents
16 email exchanges 

These are 91 one entries of total 234. Since there are often multiple
citations in individual documents citation this looks o.k.. those
documents with "chrousos" in the file name were found. 

The bug seems to have vanished. Thanks a lot!

Bernhard Kleine
Lenzkirch (Black Forest)
bernhard kleine gmx net
Author von "Hormone und Hormonsystem"

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