Missing entries


usually I am very content with the results of beagle search. However,
today I noticed that the index is not complete:

I have a folder "volltext" which contains several hundreds of biomed
articles in pdf-format. this folder is in the search-list of beagle. I
was looking for entries of "chrousos". The result with beagle was: 65
documents, 1 email entry. that looks ok. However, the article
Endocrinology, Vol. 139 page 437 by Chrousos, which is saved as
Endocrinol_139_437_chrousos.pdf was not found. I checked all the entries
which do not show the filename I gave them, whether that paper was
hidden somewhere. It could not be found. Using "locate
Endocrinol_139_437" showed me that the article was present twice in two
different subfolders of "volltext". 

What is going wrong? I would be very glad to get a solution for this
problem. Further information is available if necessary. BTW the paper is
present for two years at least, i.e. no recent addition.

Thanks a lot for beagle

Bernhard Kleine
Lenzkirch (Black Forest)
bernhard kleine gmx net
Author von "Hormone und Hormonsystem"

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