Re: beagle webinterface

> <a href="return of function openhit()" onClick="openhit(...)">
> then, in function openhit
> function openhit(url){
>      direccio = modification of value url;
>      return(direccio);
> }
> then in href, nor #, go the edited link, then we don't need to use
> mimetype and nothing more...

From what I understand about HTTP servers, even then you would have the same 
problem., or clicking on an href uses the 
same HTTP calls and browser functions to open a new "document". AFAIK, its 
the HTTP servers responsibility to inform the browser about the mimetype. You 
can test this, in openhit(), instead of opening a new window with the 
document, open a blank window and set its href to direccio. That will achieve 
the same effect as clicking on a link.

See e.g.

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE / Mandriva / Inspiron-1100

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