beagle webinterface

I'm really interested on beagle's webinterface, I'm a systems admin
looking for a tool that allows to search into pdf, odf, doc, xls files
uploaded into a webserver.

Beagle is a good tool but there are some things that aren't correct...

for example, the main use of beagle's webinterface will be a computer
that have all files and shares them on a webserver (we gonna use
apache directory lister to list all files in their directorys) and
beagle will be the search engine, beagle's webinterface allows to
share the search to other computers, but the links are
file:///root/folders/file then users never will be able to download
and see the files, so that it should use http:// and all files may be
uploaded on /var/www to could download them.

I have taken a look into xml and xsl files from
/usr/share/beagle/webinterface dir, but I'm not able how to make this
little hack.

I'm a translator, and my way to thanks your help is translating the project.

could you help me and I translate this part of project into spanish and catalan?

thanks you much :)


Material SCG08
Respect free software communities and use free and/or standard formats
while sending attached files. Files such .doc, .xls, are formats that
don't follow the standard rules and may cause problems on viewing or
in the format of the text when these are opened with programs where
thousands users communities develops free software. So that I ask for
the files that are sent to me, to be odf, ods, odp, svg, png or in
default pdf. Thanks you a lot...

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