Re: Beagle ontology draft


I added the beagle:uri (System.Uri) Property Type to the wiki page. Then
I saw in the first email, that discussion takes place on a "Discussion
wiki page", not on the wiki page I altered. Sorry for putting it there,
lets discuss that now :-) Btw., where is the discussion page? 

I have some comments on some properties:

"DCMI terms
This is a basic set of properties each result element will *ALWAYS*
These properties that each result will contain are listed under DCMI
terms. So there are no non-DCMI terms that will always be contained in a
result element? What about the type of the result (i.e. beagle:file,
beagle:email, ...)?

"email:id	beagle:string	Used to group messages together into
conversations. No ACCEPTED"
how does that work? an email has an id and a references field, which
refers to other emails. This creates the thread structure of the emails,
which is probably what you mean here with "group messages together",
right? But I do not see a email:references field...

However, good work, well done!


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