Re: beagle-thunderbird and tmp files?

Udo van den Heuvel wrote:
D Bera wrote:
I am running beagle-thunderbird 0.3.8-13 on my FC10 system.
I experienced loads (10's of thousands) of tmp files in /tmp containing
headers of old email messages after installing beagle-thunderbird.

Are these files coming from beagle-thunderbird?
How could I find out?

Someone recently reported a similar problem in one of the bugs. We
need more information to trace the cause. Roughly ... yes, the tmp
files are coming from beagle-thunderbird.
I will have a small holiday next week so I can invest some time into this issue if you want more info.

Situation now:

x86_64 on AMD Phenom SMP system.
It appears that the mails in thunderbird are indexed over and over.
(more items added than total count of mails in thunderbird)
Won't this pollute my Beagle index?
I get 1000s of small files per day so clean them out manually every now and then.

What can I do at this stage to dig up the cause?

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