Beagle and KTorrent

I'm using Beagle 0.2.18 with mono- and Kerry frontend under
Gentoo Linux. My /home filesystem is ext3 with user_xattr enabled.
Support for inotify is turned on in kernel.
I've noticed that Beagle reindexes files that are currently in use by
KTorrent. Not only those which are incomplete, but also those, which
are already downloaded and now they are just seeded. As I understand,
while files are seeded they do not change, so why should Beagle
reindex them?

I wonder if it is some kind of a bug, or a misconfiguration from my
side. And how can I change this behavior except adding certain
directories to Beagle exclude list.

Andrey Melentyev
andrey melentyev gmail com

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