Re: Beagle and KTorrent

Unfortunetly, beagle is doing exactly what its supposed to, that is,
noticing and acting every time a file changes, the problem really just
comes when applications (like some bittorrent clients) are constantly
modifying a file. The best solution is to just have your download
directory excluded by beagle.

On 10/19/07, Andrey Melentyev <rikz yandex ru> wrote:
> I'm using Beagle 0.2.18 with mono- and Kerry frontend under
> Gentoo Linux. My /home filesystem is ext3 with user_xattr enabled.
> Support for inotify is turned on in kernel.
> I've noticed that Beagle reindexes files that are currently in use by
> KTorrent. Not only those which are incomplete, but also those, which
> are already downloaded and now they are just seeded. As I understand,
> while files are seeded they do not change, so why should Beagle
> reindex them?
> I wonder if it is some kind of a bug, or a misconfiguration from my
> side. And how can I change this behavior except adding certain
> directories to Beagle exclude list.
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