Re: Beagle as a Web site indexer.

Well, beyond the current issue with the HTML mime type (and it not
getting indexed ;) ) As far as serving up HTML, your in luck, a web
interface was just committed. I believe we just return the results
formatted in XML, then XSLT our way to something pretty. Its still
very new, and making it realistically usable through a web application
would require a bit of hacky work (namely hits are still
desktop-relative, and if you just had beagle crawl a directory, your
content would be difficult to use.

Now, I'm not 100% sure what your goal is, or how 'drop-in' a solution
you are looking for. However, Beagle offers an incredibly robust
indexing, searching, and scheduling system, which you could take
advantage of the beagle framework and utilize our query API for your
own searches, and for the most robust and customized results, you
could write a backend just for your site.

However, if you just want a simple http crawler and indexer, check out
htdig or something.

The last point I would like to note is that we have thought for some
time about indexing some extra information in revision-controlled
directories, if you do end up basing your work on the beagle API, any
sharing of what information is useful/attainable in a local checkout
(or even some code!) would be appreciated!

I realize this e-mail is a little confusing, but I can clarify if you
share a little more about exactly what you are trying to do, and how
you see Beagle fitting into that.
Kevin Kubasik

On 10/15/07, Omri Schwarz <ocschwar mit edu> wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I am writing Yet Another web frontend for Subversion,
> (it's a fork of Insurrection) and I need a search engine
> for it, one that will index by file and revision, and present
> the results in a form presentable in HTML.
> Has anyone done anything along those lines yet?
> Omri Schwarz --- ocschwar mit edu
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