Re: telling beagle the client to open a file indexed.


On 11/21/07, Hugo Melo <hugo melo gmail com> wrote:
> On Nov 21, 2007 5:42 PM, D Bera <dbera web gmail com> wrote:
> >
> > You can change the source and add application/lotus.notes as a mail
> > mimetype - that will work but requires you to change the source.
> >
> > Since beagle-search does not know how to handle non-evo and non-tbird
> > email files, I dont see any other way for beagle-search to open your
> > email results using notes.
> Why fixme:client does not change the default handler always it is set?

The short answer: there is no standard way to handle emails.  Every
client is different, which is why we have to hardcode them some of the

The longer explanation:

Evolution, for instance, does not accept file URIs for individual
email files and cannot open them.  It can only open emails that are
"managed" by Evolution, and it has its own URI scheme for accessing
emails whether they are local mbox or remote IMAP messages.
Thunderbird has a similar setup.

Kmail, on the other hand, can open individual files.  But I am not
sure how it opens IMAP messages.  And I think it doesn't support mbox.
 I'm not a Kmail user so I don't know for sure.

> If the problem is the parameter to pass to the client, beagle-search
> could to require the field uri setting the correct parameter,
> otherwise it ignores fixme:client and calls the system default
> handler, as it do now.

This seems like a reasonable solution.  We'll happily take a patch for
that.  Otherwise, a bug in Bugzilla would be best to make sure that it
isn't forgotten.


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