telling beagle the client to open a file indexed.

Hi guys,
I am trying to create a program that gets a mail from a Lotus Notes
mail file and index it using beagle.
I get this mail as a message/rfc822 mime type and use the
IndexingService to index it.
My problem is how to create the header ( dot file ) at ToIndex dir to
make beagle-search to open my mail and its attachs using Lotus Notes
and not using the default client for rfc822 files..
I tried to use k:fixme:client=notes but the beagle-search ignores this
property and uses the default.
Tried to put application/lotus.notes in mimeType and it called notes,
but beagle indexes it as a text file and I lose my attachs.
Are there anyway of control it? Index as a message/rfc822 and store it
as an application/lotus.notes
-- Hugo Melo

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