Re: Opera backend for Beagle

> I get it. This happens a lot in these web-crazy days; the only solution I know
> is to include a full HTMLEngine in beagle's html filter. That would be a
> terrible overkill; also I think we can do without indexing such pages for the
> time being :-(

Bad situation :( Maybe an optional dependency on some JS engine can
solve the problem? I know one, named SpiderMonkey, maybe there are
some others too. Of course not for the upcoming release of the nearest
future, but just as a variant.

> Thanks to all for testing and working on the Opera backend. Its unfortunate
> all of this is happening at the last minute :( We planned to get you a
> pre-Thanksgiving present this weekend itself but now I am debating, if the
> release should be postponed for some more days (a week actually, since next
> week is Thanksgiving week) to allow for more testing ?

I think that users will be happy and grateful to developers team anyway.

I forgot to mention, in the search results from Opera history Beagle
doesn't display when I visited the page. In the beagled logs there are
warnings such as:
2007-11-16-18-01-19-Beagle:20071116 18:09:26.3378 21150 Beagle  WARN:
No timestamp on!
2007-11-16-18-01-19-Beagle:20071116 18:09:52.5574 21150 Beagle  WARN:
No timestamp on!
2007-11-16-18-44-01-Beagle:20071116 18:44:06.5718 31815 Beagle  WARN:
No timestamp on!

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