Re: Nautilus search, memory usage, hidden files, webinterface

> One of the reaons (actually, the only
> reason) I asked people to delete ~/.beagle if they were using trunk from
> before :)

Ahh, the ... M-word, "read the Manual". Sorry...

> BTW, in the list of debug tips I mailed yesterday, the heap-shot tip  is last
> resort and requires extra effort. The tips preceeding it are easy to perform
> and if anything is found there, easy to fix too. I am dearly hoping that you
> find some open file or some weird exception or a long list ot nautilus emblem
> tasks or something like that ... Analyzing heap-shot is very powerful but
> pretty cumbersome :-/

No promises, but I'll see what I can do. At this point I don't know
how to reproduce it though...


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