Nautilus search, memory usage, hidden files, webinterface


I'm running the pre-beta released tarball of libbeagle and beagle SVN
under Ubuntu Gutsy. It's looking nice. But ...

1. when using the beagle backend nautilus search crashes. In
.xsession-errors I get:

nautilus: symbol lookup error: nautilus: undefined symbol:

I this to be expected ? It there a workaround ? If not it would be
nice if there was one, otherwise it's a bit of a show stopper for
Gutsy users (i.e. me:) ).

2. Sometimes beagled ends up with RES size of 300-400M on my system. I
know this is not normal, but how can I debug this so that I can
provide some useful info for bugzilla?

3. Beagle indexes dot-files- and directories. Is this a new feature?
Why? Was there a discussion on the list about this?

4. Could there be an option for collapsing all hits in the webinterface ?

Thanks for Beagle and any answers,


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