Re: Nautilus search, memory usage, hidden files, webinterface

> 1. when using the beagle backend nautilus search crashes. In
> .xsession-errors I get:
> nautilus: symbol lookup error: nautilus: undefined symbol:
> beagle_query_add_hit_type

libbeagle API changed in 0.3.0 - the changes were minor but ilbbeagle
clients need to be rebuilt with (instead of

> 3. Beagle indexes dot-files- and directories. Is this a new feature?
> Why? Was there a discussion on the list about this?

Are you sure about this one ? dot-files and directories should not be
indexed! Do you get those in search results ?

> 4. Could there be an option for collapsing all hits in the webinterface ?

I dearly wish so ... but my javascript/web skills are pretty limited.

> 2. Sometimes beagled ends up with RES size of 300-400M on my system. I
> know this is not normal, but how can I debug this so that I can
> provide some useful info for bugzilla?

* Run with the Files backend disabled to see if that is the cause
(--backend -Files or use beagle-settings)
* Any thing suspicous in output of beagle-info ?
* How is indexhelper doing ?
* Does this only happen during initial indexing or even on subsequent recrawls ?
* I have about 20K files and dirs on my system ... and RSS is < 30MB.
So there is something else getting messed up.
* Check output of "lsof -p `pidof beagled`" for any open files that
shouldnt be open e.g. after indexing is done, there should not be any
files in your homedirectory that is open or during indexing, some file
in your homedirectory is open for a long time.
* This is really really asking you for a huge favour :). Install
heap-shot (pretty easy to build) and run with --heap-shot; approx 10
min after beagled starts, send "kill -SIGPROF `pidof beagled`" to
beagled (oh, start beagled from a directory in which you have write
accessl -SIGPROG will create a file in that directory). Then, when the
RSS crosses its decency level, send another SIGPROF - produces another
file. Send them both to me. If you can do that ... that would be very
helpful. Those files contain information about what is taking up all
the memory.

Thanks for letting us know,
- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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