Re: beagle-search: Showing the top 2 of 3 total matches

At Fri, 30 Mar 2007 15:53:48 -0400,
Joe Shaw wrote:
> > Beagle-search often doesn't show all search results.  Sometimes it
> > says something like showing the top 12 of 36 matches, and IIRC I've
> > also seen it saying something like "Showing the top 2 of 3 total
> > matches".
> There's a decent chance here that the beagle-search UI doesn't know
> how to display that third result.  One way to check this is to run the
> search using the beagle-query command line client and seeing if you
> get 3 hits.

I plan to try that the next time.  BTW, I just thought: I may want to
check out alternative interfaces to beagle-search.  After all,
fortunately, nobody is forced to interface with beagle through
beagle-search.  That doesn't mean that I don't like beagle-search, but
it has three major deficiencies:

* It sometimes/frequently doesn't show all search results, and yes, I
  want all, even if there are thousands: As said before, often I get
  many hits in emails and these can be easily filtered manually since
  they have file names consisting only of digits.

* The handler for the files (at the moment, it's xdg-open) cannot be
  changed to something else manually.

* It crashes sometimes.

Felix E. Klee
Jabber: feklee jabber org, SIP: 9779619 sipgate de, Skype: felix.klee

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