Re: beagle causing high load when X not active?


On 3/30/07, Felix E. Klee <felix klee inka de> wrote:
Judging from shallow observations, I suspect that beagle causes a higher
load on the system when X (on vt07) that it's running in, is not active.
This may happen, for example, when the system is in text mode or when I
work in a second instance of X (on vt08).

I heard that beagle indexes much more when the screen saver is turned on
(I don't use one), and maybe the effect I'm observing is related.

It does do this, and it's quite possible you're seeing it.

How can I tell beagle to never assume that the system is idle?

Try running "xset -dpms" and "xset s off" in your X session to see if
that fixes the problem.

There's no option right now to turn off the faster indexing on screen
saver, although there's no reason why it couldn't be added.  I suggest
filing a bug about that so it doesn't get forgotten.

Another possible workaround is to unset the DISPLAY environment
variable when running beagled, so that it can't connect to the X


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