Re: NullReferenceException

Hi again,

On 3/27/07, Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> wrote:
This is definitely the problem.  Unfortunately, I can't see any way
this can happen.  Maybe there is a bug in our DirectoryWalker class.

I've attached a little test program for this.  Drop it into your
beagle/Util directory and compile it like so:

   gmcs -debug -o test-directorywalker.exe test-directorywalker.cs
DirectoryWalker.cs Logger.cs Log.cs TeeTextWriter.cs
DelayedTextWriter.cs FileSystem.cs -r:Mono.Posix

and run it like so:

  mono --debug test-directorywalker.exe <path to PDF files>

and attach the output.  You might need to set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH if
you get libbeagleglue errors.  Doing something like
"LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../glue/.libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" on the command-line
before running mono above should work.


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