Re: "Could not load spinner image"

At Wed, 21 Mar 2007 19:14:43 -0400,
Joe Shaw wrote:
> > I tried that, but it didn't have an effect.  I have the suspicion
> > that the settings done with "gconf-editor" are not affecting
> > beagle-search.
> That's possible, but it would also affect other GTK apps that you
> started in the meantime as well.

I found the source of the problem: "gnome-settings-daemon" wasn't
running.  This program looks in the gconf database for the Gnome icon
theme and sends according XSETTINGS which are interpreted by GTK+ 2
programs such as beagle-search to theme themselves.  Without
"gnome-settings-daemon", GTK+ programs only look at gtkrc files.
However, my "~/.gtkrc-2.0" file didn't contain any theme info.  So some
default theme was used which didn't have the spinner icon.

In order to get a theme without having to run "gnome-settings-deamon", I
added the following line to my "~/.gtkrc-2.0":

  gtk-icon-theme-name = "Industrial"

Everything is fine now. :-)

Felix E. Klee

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