Re: Disable Beagle-Startup


regarding the thunderbird backend. Is there coming any progress?
I really would like to see my mails getting indexed ;)


PS: thanks for your patience disabling beagle startup

Joe Shaw wrote:

On 3/22/07, Andreas Heinz <dashboard a80 net> wrote:
it's the system one which i 0.2.9 as you said. unfortunatly this one has
the thunderbird problem which leads to the continuos scanning of my imap
folders. i head a memory use of ~ 270mb after a few seconds.

Yeah, if you're unwilling to use Beagle without the Thunderbird
backend, then will give you trouble too.

my selfcompiled quits with a seqfault which i think has something to do
with a missing thunderbird backend:

** (/usr/local/lib/beagle/BeagleDaemon.exe:12315): WARNING **: Missing
field Debug in class Beagle.Util.Thunderbird (typeref index 40)

maybe i'll try to append disable-backend to the edgy one and hope the
problems with thunderbird backend see an end someday.

Yeah, you probably need to run "make clean" in your source directory
and clear out any old beagle stuff from /usr/local.  If you've built
and installed different versions in there, you have a hodgepodge of
differently versioned code.  We can't guarantee API/ABI compatibility
between versions right now.

(Which is why, if you're building from source, I recommend using
different prefixes for everything.)


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